Hero Academy Challenge Guide – Meet the Council

Welcome everyone to my first of four Challenge Guides for Hero Academy on iOS brought to you by Eunity Gaming!  In its most recent update, Hero Academy added a set of seven challenges for each of the four teams.  This guide will focus on the seven “Meet the Council” challenges.

These challenges follow the same rules as the base game except that the teams will often have more copies of a single unit then is typically possible.

While I am writing a guide for these challenges, I strongly recommend that you give each one a try first by yourself.  Only come to my guide if you get stuck.  Certain ones are trickier than others and will help teach you things about the game!


Challenge 1: “Ladder Climb”

This first challenge is designed to teach you about the knock-back ability of the Council’s Knights.  It is fairly simple once you know the pattern to attack the enemy knight in.

The reason that you need to move the red Knight into range of the Cleric, as opposed to just hitting it back and forth between two of your Knights, is because of a Knight’s physical defence rating.  They will ignore 20% of any physical attacks.  The Cleric (standing on the attack boost tile) has enough power to take down the Knight’s last bit of health.


Challenge 2: “Knight fight”

This challenge is used to demonstrate the situations where you should use the Council’s Wizard.  His chain-lightning attacks can hit up to 3 enemies in a row, though with the ones at the end of the chain receiving less damage.

While it might be tempting to move one of the Wizards on to the attack tile, don’t do it or you will not be able to use the three-enemy chain attack to its fullest potential.

Be sure to give the Wizard the Rune Metal to boost his attack.  The Knights are tough and won’t go down easily.

Begin attacking the Knights, starting with the one closest to the Wizard, you want the chain lightning to hit all three for your attacks.

While this challenge shows off how the Wizard functions, there are certain enemies that his lightning will target over others.  You can see this demonstrated in the later, trickier challenge “Wizard Dance”.


Challenge 3: “Warrior Bash”

This challenge uses the units you used in the last two challenges (the Knight and the Wizard) together to help show you some of the Council’s synergy.

Begin by using your Knights, and their knock-back ability, to move the Tribe’s Warriors into a clumped position.

Then, while they are close together, use your Inferno spell to weaken the group.

Then use the Wizard’s chain-lightning…

And the Archer’s powerful ranged attack…

To finish off the enemy!

Challenge 4: “Firestorm”

This challenge shows off the Council’s powerful Inferno spell (that you saw a preview of in the previous challenge). This one is very simple as you are given 5 Infernos and you simply need to figure out where to target their devastating blasts.

The only trick to this level is resisting the urge to use only Infernos, and instead using your well placed Archer.

An Inferno spell is a magical attack that does 300 damage.  The Void Monk has more than 300 health and in addition has a 20% magical and physical resistance.  The Archer standing on the attack square has more then enough damage output and will be able to eliminate the last of the Void Monk’s life bar.

Challenge 5: “Switcheroo”

This challenge shows off the crazy stuff you can pull off with the help of the Council’s Ninja super unit.  This one confused me at first (shout out to Devin for solving it first) but eventually you can figure out the weird order to move around in.

Archers and Ninjas are incredibly strong when placed on attack tiles.  Use the Ninja’s teleport to move your archer on to one of them without making her useless (Archers have one of the weakest short range attacks in the game).

Ninjas do double damage in melee range, so be sure to get a hit in on the full health Necromancer before teleporting away.

It is important not to waste action points.  While the Knight could kill the Phantom in a single hit, he cannot reach the low health Necromancer at the top of the field.  Switch your Ninja’s place with your Wizard and finish off the Necromancer and Phantom in action point.

Finally use the Archer that you placed on the attack tile to finish off the Necromancer.

The weird stuff that you can do with the Ninja can be incredibly unpredictable in online matches, and can give you a much needed edge against less observant players (like myself!).


Challenge 6: “Wizard Dance”

This one can be solved with a lot of trial and error to find out what order you need to attack people in.  The items you have available to you are key to completing this challenge.

Most of the lower units have a decent amount of health and it is possible to hit five of them with a single Inferno.

Make sure to give the scroll to the Wizards at the very top of the field and the very bottom.

Be sure to attack with the top one first though as his lightning strike only has three possible targets.  If you attack with the lower Wizard first his lightning will gravitate towards the Crystal and you won’t have enough action points to attack the Axe Thrower in the bottom right.

Its not a difficult challenge, but it does teach you about how the chain-lightning picks its targets.


Challenge 7: “Cluster Bomb”

This challenge gives you so many options that it can be a little difficult to decide on exactly what combination you want to use.  When I went through solving this again to get screenshots for this article I was convinced that I’d previously solved this in a completely different way.  It gives you almost every Council unit and a variety of Dark Elf units to beat.

While it goes contradictory to everything the challenges have taught you so far, you need to do as much damage as you possibly can to that Void Monk.

Countless times I finished this level with everything dead but with the Void Monk as less than 100 health.

Eventually you will figure out how to beat him, but until then he will just stand there.  Taunting you.

Until you finally electrocute, stab, and then burn him alive with magic.

I hate that Void Monk.


You have now completed all of the “Meet the Council” challenges.  I hope this guide helped you along your way!  Keep and eye on the site for my guides on the rest of the challenge.

You can challenge me to a game of Hero Academy by starting a game with “CaptainBrenner”

Happy Gaming!

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